About me

My name is Irving and I’m an expert in traveling. I’m fond of camping in the USA. I’ve been to many places such as Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite National Parks and many others. Also, I like hiking and I’ve visited the Himalayas, Kilimanjaro, and the Andes. Travelling became my passion and lifestyle. And my house became big storage of camping equipment and now I want to share it with you with my experience. That’s why I decided to create my blog to share. So you will know what equipment you should buy.

I would like to tell you a story about how traveling changed my life. When I graduated the university, I was working as an IT specialist in San Francisco. I was an iOS developer, the work was very monotonous but I liked it. After four years of work, my boss said that I can work from home and at that time I was already a manager of the department. I liked this idea. After some time I’ve understood that life is not only about work. And I wanted to try something new. My friend John was working as a freelancer all his life and he is a hardcore traveler. So once he invited me to join his trip to Yellowstone National Park. I had no vacations for two years already so I decided to join him. After that trip, I understood that I was missing a lot in my life.

So now I already visited more than 30 countries, and mostly I go camping, hiking, going to wild places because I love outdoor activities. I have a big map in my room and I match the places where I’ve been to. We live in a wonderful world and we have to explore it. I already have a wife and two children, and a lot of people say that it is impossible to travel with children. Honestly, you have to choose destinations closer to civilization for security reasons, but in general, it is much more fun to travel with your family!