Top 10 Ice Fishing Camping Tents

A lot of people are fond of fishing, and even cold temperature doesn’t stop them, they proudly take their equipment and go to the nearest fishing place. There are a lot of reasons why people like ice fishing. The most popular is the satisfaction people get when they catch their fish.

You always expect to have a good and pleasant time during ice fishing. But even hardcore fishers know that you should be well prepared for ice fishing because it can quickly turn into a disaster. Wind, snow, and low temperature can spoil your journey.

Using fishing tents can make frozen lakes much friendlier, and you can enjoy ice fishing with your friends and family. If you are addicted to fishing, it will be a serious upgrade for your equipment, and you can avoid a lot of troubles. I have compiled a list of the best ice fishing tents on the market so you can make your choice.

Eskimo FF949I FatFish Insulated Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter, 3-4 Person

A new Eskimo ice fishing shelter is fully insulated and has space for three or four persons. It has a good looking design and made of quality fabrics. The tent includes six self-tapping anchors and a bag for transportation. It has six removable windows so you can configure it according to your needs. The manufacturer made it 35% warmer than the previous models.

Inside the tent, you can find several pockets for storage. There are two zipping doors to get inside the tent, and the zippers are durable. It is very easy to set-up, and you don’t need any special equipment to do it.

Also, it is 80″ high, so it is a good choice for tall people. The tent is durable, so it will serve you well, and bad weather conditions are not more a problem. It is a high-end product, so the price is pretty high, but if you buy this tent you will never regret that you bought it.   

ibigbean Ice Fishing Shelter 4 Persons Portable

The next product is famous for its quality. The tent is made of 300D oxford fabric, which covers all the body of the shelter, which guarantee you water and frost resistance.

It is designed for 3-4 persons. The door has double-layers durable zippers for comfortable entrance. And the tent has four detachable windows for good ventilation.

You can easily set up this tent without special equipment, and all poles are made of carbon fiberglass. The manufacturer claims that their Quick-set-up technology allows you to attach the shelter in 3 seconds! That’s really amazing!

Transportation is not a problem; it is lightweight and portable. The tent comes with a handbag, a winding rope, and 4 tent pegs. You can buy this shelter only in one color, which looks nice.

GYMAX Ice Shelter

This model is made for hardcore fishermen, who will never stop going fishing even if it is freezing. It has minus 22F frost resistance!

Design is strict so everybody should know that people in this tent are very serious about fishing! It is made for 2 or maximum 3 people.

The construction of this fishing tent is simple and durable. The poles are flexible, which guarantees you the simplicity of transportation.

Ventilation is good; here, you have four detachable windows.

Buying this product you get value for money, it comes with the bag, and it cost a bit more than 160$.

Happybuy Ice Fishing Tent 8-Person

If you are planning a long ice fishing journey with a big family or you have a lot of friends, and you need not a big tent, a HUGE tent! This product is made exactly for you.

Here you can accommodate 8 persons inside this tent.

Buying it, you get a lot of features in it, such as: 2 layer detachable windows, 300D oxford fabric, a lot of storage pockets inside and more. You can use it for hiking, expedition, camping, fishing and so on. Durable rope and tent peg allows you to set it up securely on the ground. 

You get more for less, it costs not more than 155$, it also comes with a transportation bag.

Under the Weather MeshPod 1-Person

Some people like to go far away to be alone after a busy working week. And ice fishing is not an exception a lot of people like “meditate” alone near the river or lake. So for such people, we want to introduce it.

It is a modular shelter that is mostly made to prevent wind and snow. It isn’t kept warm inside, but it helps you to stay longer outside. You have three color options to choose: navy, green and black.

The pleasant bonus is that it comes with a camping chair inside. It is fully waterproof and durable. Pop-up design provides you an easy set-up.

Eskimo Quickfish Portable Ice Fishing Shelter

Another high-end shelter from Eskimo. Quickfish 5i is made only for winter journeys. The set-up size is 108″ x 108″ x 108″ and stands at 84″ tall, so you can accommodate 4 persons inside.

A well-known red-color design makes the tent fancier compared to other models. IQ insulated fabric provides 35 % more warmth. Also, the tent comes with 11mm extra-large aluminum poles for better wind resistance. All materials in this shelter are heavy-duty (poles, corner joints, zippers, ice-anchors, and fabrics), so it is made for extreme climate conditions.

Inside the tent, you will find mesh pockets for storage and removable windows. To sum up, this product is made for professionals or people who are really into ice fishing. The price is high, but your professional equipment and a well-known brand.

PEXMOR Ice Fishing Shelter, Pop-up Hub-Style

Huge tents for good people! Introducing you to the biggest tent for 9 people by Pexmore. Just check out the dimensions: L 142 x W 71 x H 81 inch.

Get ready for a big ice fishing party! You will have your best life experience if you can take so many people in one journey.

Let’s see what we get for 209$. Firstly, we get a super durable tent which comes with additional stakes bars and enforced support bar. It is equipped with 8 anchors, and the rod is made fiberglass.

Secondly, frost resistance is up to minus 22F. Ventilation is perfect, and you get 6 detachable windows and four ventilation holes.

Thirdly, the quality of fabrics it is oxford 300D, so it is waterproof and wind-resistant.

To sum up it is a good choice. Additionally, you get a carry bag and 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.

Popsport Ice Fishing Tent

Popsport Ice fishing tent is designed only for low temperatures; it is the warmest shelter in our list. You can use it even if it is minus 30C degrees. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use and transport.

The manufacturer of this tent used a special thick fabric 210D Oxford inside the inner and outer layer with silk floss in the middle. Such construction affected the weight of the tent; it is almost 9.5 kg.

Windows are 2-layered, and also there is one ventilation vent. Here you have a lot of storage pockets inside. Two doors with double zippers provide you a comfortable use.

 To sum up, Popsport Ice Fishing Tent can be considered as professional equipment because of its features. So this product is something special, and if you live in a cold climate, it will be perfect.

PEXMOR Ice Fishing Shelter Pop-up Hub-Style for 2 Person

Looking for a simple and functional ice fishing tent, Pexmor is a brand that provides good quality for a reasonable price. Nice black design, lightweight and waterproof. All that you need for comfortable fishing.

Temperature barrier minus 22F, best 300D oxford fabric, and fiberglass poles for stability. Pexmor tents are modern in terms of functionality; they provide 12 warranty for all goods they manufacture.

It is a nice choice for people who want just to buy and go out not to think a lot. This tent gives you everything you need for ice fishing.

Goplus Portable Ice Shelter Pop-up Ice Fishing Tent Shanty

And the last one is a tent which has a nice red-colored design. You can accommodate three persons inside this tent.

It has all the features you need:



Good ventilation

Cold resistance minus 30F

A carrying bag is include

GoPlus ice fishing shelter is comfortable and convenient. It is not made for extreme weather conditions, but it has features that hi-end tents have on the market. I think the main reason why you should buy GoPlus is the design and good form factor.


In the end, I want to say no matter what you are doing, ice fishing, hiking, camping, or just traveling, you should always pay attention to places where you go and take the right equipment so nothing can harm your health. And my advice to you is to buy good products which meet your needs. Don’t save money, buy the best for your journeys, to have the best experience.

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